Hey, i'm Lexi! 

I'm here to share my passion for nutrition, wellness, and most importantly, delicious food. What started as my personal journey has evolved into so much more. My goal is to help you become your healthiest, happiest self through my nourishing recipes and nutrition services. I am currently a student of the Nutritional Therapy Association and plan to be a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) in June of 2018. In July of 2018, I will offer nutritional therapy services including, one-on-one health coaching, private meal preparation, and meal plans to fit your individual lifestyle. Currently, I offer meal preparation services to the Nashville area. I am so passionate about the power of real food and how it can help us reach our optimal health. I encourage you to give my recipes a try! Thank you for stopping by, and I hope I inspire you to invest in your health. I can't wait to guide you on your journey to health and happiness!